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Women That Pilots Marry | Type of Women That Pilots Date

Women That Pilots Marry | Type of Women That Pilots Date

part of a pilots life is what we do
outside of the cockpit and if you know a pilot’s wife there’s an 80% chance she’s
one of 3 professions I’ll explain it all coming up hey 74 crew welcome back if
you don’t know me my name is Kelsey I’m a 747 pilot my channel 74 gear is all
about aviation so whether you’re a pilot or an aviation enthusiast consider
subscribing now this video applies to male pilots dating life
now I haven’t really seen a trend with female pilots but if I do you’ll be the
first to know first I’m going to talk about each of these 3 professions
and then at the end I want to give you the common thread that they all have in
common let’s get into it now the first and most obvious one that most of you
are probably thinking are flight attendants and I know it sounds cliche
but many people meet their wife or girlfriend at work it’s the same for
pilots it’s an easy fit for both of you you understand that the lifestyle that
we’re in and understand that the lay overs aren’t crazy hot tub Jacuzzi
nights with naked flight attendants running around everywhere crap next is
nurses nurses work a very strange schedule similar to pilots they usually
work in blocks of three or four days they usually work long days at a time
and then they’ll have several days off so it makes sense the schedules kind of
fit up and there’s a lot of variance in working either Wednesday through Friday
or Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday things like that that pilots work nurses will
also have a similar type schedule finally it’s teachers this is a bit of a
strange one for me because teachers are the most 9-5 type job of these
three professions and I realized a lot of times they might start at 6:00 or
7:00 in the morning in the finish at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon and then
they’re grading papers or doing whatever teachers did I don’t know I always tried
to get out of school and not go back until the next day
it explains a lot but I know they work really hard after
school’s out and the other thing that’s strange about this is they usually have
the summers off and that’s usually the most busy time for pilots especially if
they’re doing passenger flying so the only thing that I can think of is that
these teachers are getting invited to these hot crazy Jacuzzi parties that for
some reason I’m not getting invited to actually that would not surprise me so
what is it about these three professions that pilots are drawn to well I’m sure
you’ve seen these memes floating around on the internet and a lot of it is true
most pilots have wanted to be pilots since they were kids and for some reason
it seems once they get onto the flight deck and start flying planes that they
go right back into their little boy syndrome and you want some examples well
sure you push back you start your taxi you’re taxing around let’s say in
LaGuardia you come around the corner and all of a sudden you see 30 planes lined
up my life is ruined now you still have two
more flights to do that day so you’re not getting home in the earlier anyways
but what do you do you start whining complaining and pouting your friend from
flight school went to a different airline than you and their airline got
the new triple 7x and you’re stuck flying this stupid regular normal triple
7 and now all you can think about is getting into the cockpit and hitting
that button that unfolds those wings so somebody just got a new toy and you want
to play with it not true so what do all these things have in common
well teachers nurses and flight attendants all work in care industries
where they’re used to hearing people whine cry and complain so they can
probably put up with all your complaining that you’re doing and
typically all 3 are professions where the people are underpaid for the
things that they do and usually have the hearts of a saint all right crew that’s
my theory of why pilots tend to date and marry flight attendants teachers or
nurses now if you’re a pilots girlfriend and you’re not one of those three
professions don’t worry about it I’m not a doctor and in most cases pilots are
out talking like they’re an authority on a topic that they really don’t know
anything about so you’re probably just one of those other 20% probably in the
comments section below let me know did you ever notice this trend among pilots
I look forward to hearing from you until then
keep the blue side up!

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  1. You forgot one. Gold Digger lol. You make good money and your not home very much, that is a gold diggers dream. She gets to spend your money and sleep around while you are gone.

  2. A lot of pilot wives become teachers AFTER their husband is a pilot. Pilots aren’t going for teachers. Pilot wives pick this profession because a pilot schedule is so hard for full time parenting, but a teacher schedule will be nearly identical to their child’s. That way when daddy is gone four days in a row, mommy is home at the same time as the kiddos.

    Note: Excuse my stereotyping of gender rolls. It’s just to type quicker.

  3. Nurses and Teachers do make great wives / girlfriends. I don't know any flight attendants …. but I would like to:)

  4. I heard the chemicals in planes increase estrogen levels in male body and cause them to became gay. closet of course

  5. I think you nailed the explanation here at the end right, most pilots are a certain type of person and their spouse (if chosen wisely) will compliment them (like complimentary colors), so it's probably more about the types of people drawn to the professions outlined here than their schedules.

  6. I stopped the video to guess who pilots marry. A flight attendant, ground crew and passenger.
    I married a teacher. Going 35 years strong.

  7. Ya kinda nailed it. My wife is an FA, and of course, I'm a pilot. I'm terrible at nurturing, and she's a natural at it. Perfect fit.

  8. @74 Gear it's almost 9/11 I would love to get an indepth review of that days events and accident anaylisis from you. Would be a great video.

  9. Presuming that all pilots are straight. Pilots DO complain and whine a lot however. You really do have a face for radio.

  10. Same holds true in the engineering profession. Not sure about flight attendents, but I know several engineers who are married to nurses and teachers.

  11. I had a dream… dream to fly a A380 or some other plane, but that plan had to be scrapped after I was asked to provide the FAA with my medical reports and tests due to a heart surgery I had couple years ago. They mailed me 3 letters asking me to send them those papers but I never did because of how lame and time consuming it sounded… went with business adm instead and that’s where my educational life is. Do I still want to fly? Probably not… why would I spend hours and hours training just to fly in a small plane.

  12. Women Whom Pilots Marry. I'm sick and tired of gutter grammar. Don't schools teach the absolute basics anymore? The use of impersonal pronouns for people seems to be an American problem in particular, which makes people sound like uneducated hicks from a backwater, but sadly it has now begun to spread throughout the English-speaking world. My stomach still churns when I hear "comprises of", and I positively retch when I hear "comprises out of", but I suppose it is much too late to stop these infections.

  13. I always swore I wouldn't marry a teacher because teachers don't have the flexibility in career that pilots need since they move around a lot. I married a teacher. I am also not a pilot anymore, so I guess it all worked out!

  14. Sometimes being married to, or involved with somebody who works for the same company could be problematic because people can experience some problems in such relationships and under such circumstances when you're at work with your spouse, it may be tough to separate your personal life from professional life, in the case of an airline pilot and a flight attendant being married and in a scenario when they get into an argument the night before, then they have to be on the same flight the next day, it may be tricky to set aside the argument you had the previous night and focus on proper work conduct. I'm saying this from experience because I was romantically involved with the receptionist at a company I worked for from mid 1980s through the early 1990s, her and I had the occasional issues people experience in relationships, but over time we learned to keep our personal lives away from work, it wasn't easy but we managed.

  15. Well, I’m a semi retired hairdresser who’s hobby is traveling. Hairdressers are very caring. I have complete control of my schedule. I like my alone moments, so the separations wouldn’t bother me at all. My home is paid for, close to the airport and in a secured luxury high rise. Perfect for the traveling lifestyle. I would love to marry a pilot. It would be a perfect match. He just has to be awesomely nice.

  16. I met some airline pilot's( A320 Virgin America-now Alaska) wife at the bar. I decided I didn't want to send 155 people to the grave so I told her goodbye. I figured I didn't want some poor sucker that has a ton of responsibility, getting bent of out of shape for his ungrateful, spoiled wrotten, cheating wife. I decided let the Karma take care of it. Yippie Kie aye Bxxxxx!!!! Her names Kristen and shes from Gainsville Florida, so if anybody meets her tell to go peep peeep peeep !!!!!!! If she was single no problem… nope. Life sucks then you die!!!!

  17. I thought #1 was ‘sex appeal’ until I met the wife of a pilot I have known since childhood. His mother told me, in exasperation, she was ‘a real bitch’… which upset me … for her! Nobody should have been a ‘real bitch’ to the mother of a lovely man you would want to FATHER YOUR CHILDREN! and when I heard dude bought a boat and was cruising everybody around the Hudson WITH A LIFE PRESERVER ON… except 78 year old MOTHER!!!!…I thought, ‘WHO WANTS HER DEAD?!’ And she had the smokers disease COPD!!! Please please please you pilots love one another and do not let each other make major life mistakes as I am aware one has. But not to worry. He is liberal and will ‘sleep around’ until he finds the best woman. One who will ‘deal’ with that bitch as she has doled it out to others.

  18. I am career nanny and my schedule is similar to a nurse schedule. Sad you look younger than me because I was going to invite you for dinner.

  19. You my cousin married a bad ass sweetie pie who is a a pilot and plays the he'll out of his bass guitar. She is a elegant special ed teacher. Menches they are both I love them.

  20. Love it! As a teacher…never thought about it or have any colleagues married to a pilot but I suppose if they have exposure to pilots they may (I fly a lot but rarely see the pilot).

  21. Current pilot’s wife. Former Flight attendant, now a nurse.

    My theory- pilots marry teachers because they want a family and it is a family friendly career that works on the kids schedule.

  22. If you haven't notice a "trend" among who female pilots date, then you're living under a rock. Or don't know any female pilots hahah

  23. I’m a PW and I polled other PWs on Facebook groups and here are the results I got:
    Teachers: 33.5%
    Nurses: 27.8%
    FAs: 14.7%
    Others: 24%
    This was with 266 PW answering. You were pretty accurate.

  24. PSA Love it.
    I married an AA flight attendant. And I'm not a pilot…. Now she a teacher.. LOL I love it. I must be a cry baby… 🙂

  25. All the pilot wife's I know are homeschooling mom's….. But their husband's all started in the airforce then moved over to commercial piloting so maybe that has an effect.

  26. I think you forgot to tell us what your significant other does for a living. You give us a lot of info but none personal.

  27. I love how you share all that and then casually mention that pilots like to talk authoritatively about things that they know nothing about! 😂 I'll be out checking on my nurse friends now…

  28. My oncologist is married to a FedEx cargo pilot. I asked her to ask her husband whether they found Tom Hanks yet? She thought that was funny enough that she wrote it down, on the spot.

  29. My man is in school to become a pilot.. My plan is to become a special needs teacher… fitting. ( I currently work in Health Insurance)

  30. My boyfriend is a pilot instructor hoping to fly commercially in the near future. And I’m almost finished my accounting course…. 🤔 well damn !

  31. Be respectful and don't be picky and a pain in the spine to nurses whenever you'd visit a hospital or any type of institution to have something done, they deserve better, horrible individuals that mistreat them are what turn them away from doing the jobs they're doing.

  32. I’m not quite sure how I landed (pun intended) here from “Boeing 747 vs Airbus,” but this was quite infomative.

    I’m surprised how “technical support” or “customer service” didn’t make the list, though. 😉 You see, when I was a learning assistant for Physics (I helped the instructor teach his Physics class in college), most complaints were legitimate. After all, physics doesn’t actually make sense until you study it. Nowadays, however, as a technical support rep, I feel like my title should be along the lines of “technical support representative and emotional coach.”

    By the way, not being able to play with someone else’s toy is completely legitimate!

  33. Sooooo, when you figure out the trend for female pilots, let me know! I have no idea who to go after. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😜

  34. Just remember it's in our contract to complain constantly. In fact I think it's a FAR. But yes this is pretty accurate trend.

  35. What about doctors? Anesthesiologists in particular? we care for people'life and well-being too and we make long shifts as well 😉
    I'd like to know your opinion….in the meantime
    Cheers from Italy ❤IT

  36. ok #captainkelsey ..plz tell us what ur gf profession is?? or wife?? or if ur the PP..(player pilot)?? then what's ur fav "for the moment" type of girl?? ..

  37. Wait, so pilots only have wives? What is this 1950? Maybe there are male pilots out there that have husbands (I personally know of two), and femail pilots that have wives (I personally know of at least one).

  38. I have a question about marrying flight attendants:

    If a pilot marries a flight attendant, can he ask the airline to let both the pilot and his wife have the same schedule? Where ever the pilot goes his wife goes. Is that acceptable?

  39. Seems pretty accurate to me. For the female side of things, over 80% of married female pilots I know are married to other pilots. (My wife included)

  40. High school counselor here. Love traveling as much a possible during my school breaks. My son is a FA with a major US carrier, so definitely enjoy flying using the (standby) family benefits. 😉

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