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  1. Personally I think one size fits all is a useless sentiment that is false and shouldn’t exist in measuring clothing. However I think this dress is versatile and allows the bride to wear it a limitless amount of times in different styles. The idea that a wedding dress has to be a spectacle of grandeur is just a cog in the linear, money driven economic cycle of today’s society. Wedding dresses are an expense that often exceed $400 and don’t remotely get the same amount of use as this dress could.

    I think beyond the insensitive, misleading sizing, the idea behind this dress is extremely sustainable and forward thinking. It is something more people should engage in when considering their purchases.

  2. How long till we admit you are running out of ideas? This was never going to be a one size fits all dress, wasn't it obvious? No hate, just disappointed that content is being made for content sakes.

  3. i see jazz and lindsay wearing parts of their style swap looks! i love that jazzmyne was like "hmm, i'm too covered up" in the style swap video and her solution was just to remove the pants. a mood

  4. maybe they should make a bigger one for plus size? like specify what sizes it does fit, don't market it as one size fits all, just put it fits these sizes, but here's a bigger one for these sizes in the same style

  5. Idk I feel like Jazz hated the dress from the beginning. Somehow I think the dress fitted her but didn’t wanna show it and obviously the other girl wasn’t going to go out with the dress on otherwise Jazz would have seemed as a liar 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. It worked well as bridesmaid dresses for the outdoor weddings I've been too . Each bridesmaid choose a different style and the accessories they used was beautiful overall effect gorgeous.

  7. i could see this dress working for someone who either likes the ethereal look of it and very simplistic and flowy OR for someone who doesn’t have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress but still wants something that looks nice. It’s not a bad looking dress. Not necessarily wedding but I could see it. Just depends on the style/vibe you’re going for

  8. 1:34 Wait. Why are her boobs so long!!!!!! She’s too young for them to be at her waist. Ew. She don’t got them perky DDs like most girls her age. She’s got your grandmother’s old nasty orangoutang boobies.

  9. these videos are always such a bummer tbh. They have a bunch of straight size women and two plus size women. Viewers are always waiting to see how it looks on the bigger women. Almost degrading :/ makes me feel bad and weird at least

  10. I feel Nina should go all out and wear something Indian at her wedding….like she's gonna look soo freaking adorable and she will also make everyone at her wedding realize her roots and the ethics of Indian culture

  11. One size fits all shouldn’t be a thing unless they’ve tested it on a wide range of body types. They should do clothing that’s more like one size fits size 0-8, 8-13 etc

  12. Why it looks like a beach dress , and why it’s so plain is because. You have to get the dress altered,

  13. When jaz made a comment saying what's wrong with yall it's just a white dress nina lowkey got shut down when she was feeling herself 🥺🥺

  14. I've been watching this channel for good while and the girl in the black tshirt just gives me ugh vibes. Not likable person.

  15. Its kinda pathetic to expect a dress to fit that tiny girl and those super big girls. No fabric can do that. Be realistic, being this big, its not normal. Its not included in one size. Be. Realistic.

  16. I love how y'all brought other challenges (Nina's minimalist challenge, Jazz & Lindsey's swap challenge…) Into this one 😄 I have a whole new appreciation for what y'all do. 🖤

  17. ok but if ur obviously plus sized, spend ur money on a dress tailored to you! buying a one size fits all dress knowing it probably won’t fit all is just borrowing problems. you would much rather look mad cute in a dress that is guaranteed to fit.

  18. I actually have this dress I got it for my grade 8 grad and it I paid 160 dollars and it was brand new and it came in like 20 different colours and I got magenta and I loved it

  19. Nina should maybe have wrapped it differently…? Idk is it the bra? You need something comfy but with support. Hope she doesn't flash her wedding guests >< maybe those sticky bras? They're quite comfy

  20. Well a proper one size fits all dress would have to come in the form of an asian sarong. I mean, there really is no such thing as a one size fits all dress, if you gotta include skeletons and people who weight 800 pounds like in those documentaries. Those people can't even wear clothes because it hurts them.

  21. We had these dresses as bridesmaids for my friend's wedding. Each of the bridesmaids tied it a little differently. It actually looked really good.

  22. I guess it’s “one size fits all (up to a size like 12). So I guess the “normal” ladies sizes are what it’s meant for. But shouldn’t say “all”. I mean you can’t of course expect a dress that fits a size zero to fit a size 30, BUT you can up until the mid 20’s sizes. Poo on them.

  23. As a wedding dress; no. As a bridesmaids dress; yes. My friend had her wedding using a deep purple version of this dress for the bridesmaids (and it was $80, not $388; that's ridiculous).
    All of the bridesmaids were very different sizes, and one was also Muslim, so the dress worked perfectly for all of us. It was very lightweight and comfortable to move in. I loved it and I NEVER wear dresses~

  24. The first wrap style in the engaged lady was incredibly unflattering to that womans chest, it would have looked way better for her if it was one of the other techniques more suitable for her wide set cleavage. Not everyone is perky but everyone can style a wrap dress to suit them.

  25. actually, the dress they chose for this is a bride maids dress. and it’s also 39.99$$ for the regular one size fits all and 49.99$$ for the plus one size fits all.

  26. Okay I understand a dress shouldn’t say Fits ALL but if I were HONEST unfortunately not everyone is perfect. There are some who are under under weight and over over weight. Even obesity. But don’t judge the dress for not fitting all. Decades ago we didn’t have as much over weight/obesity people, now we do. Work on your self, before judging someone’s dress design.

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