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  1. My bridesmaids are wearing long black dresses. But they are picking the dress themselves. I hated when I was a bridesmaid and I had to wear this light purple dress I would never ear again. Hoping they can find a nice dress they could maybe use again

  2. That red dress is so beautiful! That would be gorgeous in a dark blue too. That’s the kind of dress you could wear again to another wedding, or get it hemmed so you could wear it somewhere less fancy. That tan dress would be so pretty in any other color. And that’s the kind of dress you can wear almost anywhere. The infinity dress is a perfect suggestion for bridesmaids, in general it’s the same dress but you can change up how you wear it so it flatters different shapes better.

  3. I would have switched the dresses on one of the couples, that way we could see them on both a plus size and smaller frame.

    I’m the summer after fifth grade I was a bridesmaid at my aunt’s wedding and the bridesmaids’ dresses were purple wrap dresses. We could style our dress any way we wanted and we could have our hair any way we wanted. And I still have the dress today 4 years later and I even wore it to my 8th grade semi-formal.
    So yes someone did have a wrap dress as their bridesmaids’ dresses.

  5. I got my bridesmaids dresses on amazon and I regretted nothing 😂 they looked amazing and all the girl loved them!

  6. Idk how you say Joyce’s name but, please take her out of videos, she annoys me. Plus honesty her boobs are disgusting. And she is always like “ OOOOOOOOOoooooOooooOooOOoo gUrLLlLllllL

  7. Getting married in September and my mom is my Maid of Honor. We bought her 3 different dresses to choose from and the total for all 3 dresses was under $50.

  8. The beige thing and the sequin one were both horrific monstrosities but the red wasn't bad and the blue was really pretty

  9. the bridesmaids at my daughters wedding wore convertible dresses. all in the same colour and each a different way. they ranged in size and shape and they all looked beautiful. one even changed her style after dinner so dancing was easier.

  10. The biggest fear I'm having as a bridesmaid is I dont know what I'm doing with my curly mop of hair 😂😭😭😭

  11. tbh no offense not hating on them but i think they should have made the more overweight girls like..i don't know how to say it but like for example one of the overweight girls try the red dress and the other tries the sequin know what I'm saying?oh and same for the other girls

  12. 1:42, I bought the exact same sequin dress from Davids Bridal for $300!!!! No RAGRATS , but STILL. Smh

  13. Go tp azazzie. They have different styles but you can get all the same shades of colors. Plus theyre like under 150 bucks. Have your bridesmaid pick a dress that they can reuse!

  14. I wore that blue wrap sleeve dress in my sisters wedding then a black version at my brothers, I was a bridesmaid in both

  15. After bring a bridesmaid 7 seven times and hating all but one dress I gave my bridesmaids two paint chips and said "buy something in between these two colours. Make it something you'll wear again. And I don't care if you're all the same length, same neckline…do you." And we still get compliments on our wedding photos from allowing our girls to be different and wearing what made them comfortable

  16. I feel like we’re glazing Over the fact that Lindsey is basically a fit model like she’s the same silhouette at they made these dresses on so everything’s mostly going to fit her

  17. I love how this video came out on the SAME DAY that I was a bridesmaid wearing the UGLIEST sunflower yellow dress

  18. I wore the Kate Kasin one in my sister in laws wedding in South Africa along with the other bridesmaids and I loved it!! Had no issues.

  19. Being from Europe, I just don't get the whole bridesmaid thing: If you exect me to wear a certain dress I have no say in and won't wear again, I'm not paying for it, same with hair and make up. Unfortunately, all these wedding expectations and printerest "standards" start being more common in Germany as well. Tradition used to be two witnesses and they can wear, whatever they want. Everything surroung the wedding and preparing time depends on the region, but it was for example common, to sell stuff on your bachelor(ette) party to earn money for drinks and keep cost down. You just went in the next big town, had a fun night and that's it. Now I have a friend who is expected to organize a trip to Ibiza for 16 people, that's at least 300€ each.

  20. The original dresses I chose for my bridesmaids were like $120 Max and that’s with shipping and for plus size and they were from amazon. They turned out really well so I thought, but 2 of the dresses weren’t here in time so I had luckily ordered backup dresses for my bridesmaids and the backup dresses looked amazing and like they fit better than the original ones would have.

  21. That red one jardly passes my old schools dress code, to tight, open back, depending on boobs the lace front wouldnt be allowed on some girls

  22. I'm trying to figure out how the girl at 5:22 tied it because it looked SOO good and I honestly liked that version (tie style) better than the one on the model

  23. These ladies talk about how cheap they expected and could tell these dresses are. But I am curious do they really know quality and moreover, it would be interestitng o see their personal sense of or lack of style. Sometimes you can give people designer or high end clothes and it looks like trash – because a lot depends on the person wearing it. Now the lady who is slim she probably will look great in anything. Comments about making for the dress for $3.99 are ridiculous.

  24. Honestly the second dress for the blonde girl if she had a lil bit more boobs it would be amazing! (Dont tryna be mean so dont come at me .)

  25. "its like the silks when they do gymnastics"
    i love that not only do i know its areal silks but i can do areal silks

  26. I really wish they had switched it up. So that you could see each dress on two different body sizes and skin tones!!!!

  27. so wait…you guys have to buy your own bridesmaid dresses? in sri Lanka the bride pays for all and all we have to do is just participate.

  28. This makes me sad to think that none of my bridesmaids would want to stand up with me because of a dress.

    I didn't think it was really a problem to have things that don't show off boobs.

  29. They should have read the reviews before purchasing these dresses. Amazon has better quality bridesmaid dresses for less than $100. Mine looks and feels great. The weddings I have been to, there dresses from Amazon were beautiful.

  30. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I liked my own comment ,
    So you don’t have too.
    Edit Thanks for the likes I didn’t ask for them !

  31. Me just being so lucky that my sister just gave me and the other bridesmaid to just use a website and they have to all be the same color but otherwise she didn't care

  32. The first red dress looked very similar to the bridesmaid dress I wore to my friend's wedding but it's like $200 cheaper. So I mean is it the cutest? No. But neither was the one at David's bridal, so… Save the money

  33. Am I the only one who thinks the Multi Wrap blue dress looks NOTHING like the picture posted? Colour is way off and it’s a completely different material! I wish they could’ve seen the pictures to compare

  34. My bridesmaids dresses came from Amazon, they're just a nice simple short sleeve Maxi dress. I wanted something pretty that the girls can wear again. There are options on Amazon. These just weren't good ones

  35. If you have so many issues with being a bridesmaid like the bride controlling what you wore and how your hair is and if you hate the dress she picks and how much you have to spend, DONT AGREE TO BE A BLOODY BRIDESMAID! Respectfully say no to bring the bridesmaid if your just gonna hate the whole experience and what you wear.

  36. Because I did get my prom dress from amazon, I actually almost got the cream one, but in like lavender

  37. In Brazil we usually let the bridesmaid choose their dresses, cuz, well, there will be at least 10 women. The most that can happen is the bride defining the color their dresses will be

  38. In every buzzfeed video there’s always that one girl who’s like “Can I show my boobs-“ or “How about that but showing boobs-“

  39. The blue strap thingy dress, I have the same one but pink Lmao, and i wasn't a bridesmaids cuz "I was too young" but they still have me one

  40. I got married in June. I had all my girls wearing the same dress, but they got choose their own hair, makeup, accessories and shoes.

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