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Wooden Paddle Wood-Fired Wedding Catering

At Wooden Paddle we know you want your wedding
day to be uniquely yours. Anything but the ordinary. That’s why you need a modern wedding caterer
who’s willing to scrap the outdated traditions and do things a little differently. We understand how hard it is to choose a wedding
caterer. It’s a big day and it’s a big deal. If you are feeding your nearest and dearest you want them to actually enjoy what’s being served. We believe your wedding day should be your
way not what tradition says it should be. If you are fun, easy going and slightly off
beat every detail of your wedding including the food should reflect that. Here’s how we do it. First, schedule a tasting with us, try the
goods and handpick your menu. Then, book your date so it’s yours and only
yours. And finally, on the big day we will roll up,
fire up and serve up the best wedding food you and yours have ever had. With us you can look forward to wedding catering
that is slightly off beat but totally on point. So stop meeting with wedding caterers that
just don’t get it and a wondering if you will ever meet one that does. Visit our website today to schedule your tasting.

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