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  1. probably gonna get hated on for this but, to me, the game looks like fun.

    granted I don't think its worth 30 bucks, 20 maybe, but still fun to just play an such.

    just my opinion though, piece o/"

  2. This is like being a train conductor and coming home to play train simulator. How bored do you have to be to make this? This platform will be a ghost town by the end of the year anyway.

  3. Great, I can feel the crippling realization of how hard it is to get noticed on YouTube by having a game make it trivially easy.

  4. Every seven year old I know already won’t shut up about wanting to be a “youtuber”, stop planting it in children’s brains that this could be an actual career and glorifying it

  5. Lol there's a reward show for hitting a large subscriber count? That's unrealistic. Heck, Youtube makes you buy the gold play button trophy

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