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Yuzuru Hanyu & Shoma Uno at GPF ceremony – Let’s have a wedding ceremony (Engsub /Vietsub)

Yuzuru Hanyu & Shoma Uno at GPF ceremony – Let’s have a wedding ceremony (Engsub /Vietsub)

Next is scoop lip reading World Figure Skating gold medal and this year GPF Champion, Hanyu Yuzuru a quad loop First man to win 4 consecutive wins, Hanyu Yuzuru “Thank you” At the Victory Ceremony He said something to Uno Shoma After saying something, he seemed to be having fun Let trim this scene here The true is Hanyu and Uno took the same positions
at the previous Victory ceremony – “Shoma, not like that”
– “Eh?” – “Put your hand this way” – “Why do you hold on to my arm?” – “See” – “Around around around”
“This ain’t a wedding ceremony! Put it around!” – “Why do you link our arms?” Normally, the other skaters will place their arms around the winner’s back But Shoma linked his to Hanyu’s arm Their conversation at this year ceremony
was based on that Then at this year Victory Ceremony – “Have a wedding ceremony again?”
– “Here?” Hanyu recalled what happened last year – “Will you?” He asked to do it again this year too – “Do it for real, will you?” It’s really pleasant to see them recall what happened last year

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  1. Yuzu and Shoma are four times married LOL: GPF 2015, Nats 2015, GPF 2016, 4CC 2017 (they tried to link arms behind Nathan HAHAH)

  2. I don't get Shoma! He admires and loves Yuzuru but at the same time he wants to destroy him. Not "become as good as he is" , not even " beat him " but "DESTROY" him, that's what Shoma said. So my question is whyyyy??? Is that a Japanese thing I really don't get it. I love them together when they joke around and have fun but I can't completely enjoy such videos because I know Shoma has something in his mind and I can't tell what…

  3. 4連覇?!まじか。

  4. 読唇術こわすぎww

  5. Các fan Hanyu và Shoma tại Việt Nam cùng tham gia fan group của 2 bạn ấy cho vui nhé:

  6. キャーーーーーーーー‼️

  7. Lol in the first victory ceremony Shoma's like so confused on what to do, then at the next one he was like "seriously??"🤣

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